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Session 1: Lightning Talks

A series of informative lightning talks on a variety of UAV/UAS related topics. Each topic is 10-15 minutes with a very brief Q&A.

Session 2: Your Questions Answered

UAV expert panelists from the first session answer your submitted questions.

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Directions Magazine
GeoTech Center

Speaker: Jerry White

Question: How do you not fly over people or moving vehicles per Part 107 regulations?

Speaker: Jon Beck

Question: What are the restrictions for flying in federal wilderness areas?

Speaker: Eric Delucien

Question: Has anyone been successful in obtaining a waiver to fly beyond the line of sight (BYLOS) and what extra safety measures does the FAA require?

Speaker: Abby Speicher

Question: Where can you find good “best practices” documentation to provide to students or others who are new to drone operations, other than the FAA website?

Speaker: Sue Bickford

Question: What are the latest multispectral and LiDAR capabilities of drones?

Speaker: Jerry White

Question: Are there any efforts to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) that you can share?

Speaker: Eric Delucien

Question: What are some good examples of humanitarian uses of UAV/UAS?

Speaker: Jon Beck

Question: Should educators including higher education, seek to obtain a drone license for teaching and research purposes?

Speaker: Abby Speicher

Question: What’s the process and cost of obtaining a commercial drone license?

Speaker: Eric Delucien

Question: What is the best setting regarding the angle, resolution, and image format?

Speaker: Jon Beck

Question: What is the best horizontal accuracy one can expect in ortho mosaic and photomosaic in SMN workflow?

Speaker: Sue Bickford

Question: Where do you see the greatest drone-related business opportunities in the next five years?

All panel members: Jon Beck, Abby Speicher, Sue Bickford, Eric Delucien

Question: Where do you see drone technology headed over the next year?

  • Efficiency
  • Drone enterprise companies
  • Multi-Sensory payloads
  • Partnerships
  • Payload SDK
  • Hardware and software integration
  • New sensors
  • Post processing of data (real-time data processing)
  • Counter technology
  • More APIs
  • LAANC upgrades
  • Swarm technologies

Lightning Talks

Expert Speakers

Abby Speicher Carroll

Abby Speicher Carroll

10 Steps to Getting Started with Drones

This presentation will explore 10 steps to getting launched in the growing drone industry.

Abby Speicher Carroll is the CEO and Founder of DARTdrones, a drone training and consulting company with a presence in over 40 cities nationwide. She began her entrepreneurial journey when she was seventeen years old, founding a social enterprise that is now run as Aya Fair Trade. With her first company, Abby won First Place in Westminster’s Opportunity Quest Business Plan Competition, as well as the award for Best Business Plan in Utah’s Entrepreneurial Challenge. Abby founded DARTdrones while earning her MBA at Babson College. She was awarded first place in Babson’s annual B.E.T.A. Business Plan Competition, first place at the TecBridge Business Plan Competition, and the Class of 2015’s Entrepreneurship Award. In 2017, Abby was also awarded Babson’s Rising Star Award. Most recently, Abby successfully pitched DARTdrones on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Susan Bickford

Sue Bickford

Fostering Interest for Women and Girls in the UAS Industry

This presentation will address the often-asked question, “Where are the women?”

Susan Bickford is the owner of New England UAV, a drone consulting company based out Rochester, NH and works as the Stewardship Coordinator and GIS Specialist at the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve in Wells, Maine. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Resource Management and Conservation from Antioch University New England and developed the GIS certificate program for the Environmental Studies Program at the University of New England in Biddeford Maine. Susan’s vision is to incorporate GIS and drone technology to advance the use of critically needed remotely sensed data into the environmental decision-making process.

Jonathan Beck

Jonathan Beck

Framing Drone Education

This presentation will explore developments in higher education to address the growing needs from advancements in Unmanned Aircraft Systems technology.

Jonathan Beck has worked in the aerospace industry for over 15 years. He began his career as an air traffic controller and has been working with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology since 2004. Over the past 7 years Jonathan has been on the leadership team of an organization that has raised over $30 million in advancing UAS and Geospatial Technician education. He has served as a Principal Investigator for 3 National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education projects building professional development workshops and pathways between programs impacted by UAS technology. He is a faculty member at Northland Community and Technical College positioned in the hub of the Red River Valley Region, known for the National Test Site, the Nation’s first UAS Business Development Park “Grand Sky”, the Grand Forks Air Force Base where the Air Force and Customs and Border Protection operate large scale UAS (Global Hawks and Predators), the University of North Dakota Professional Pilot and UAS Certificate Programs and a large number of start-up companies.

Eric Delucien

Eric Delucien

The Twilight Zone of Drone Safety

This presentation explores the edges of drone safety and the current regulatory climate to help pilots become more cognizant of the safety and compliance challenges.

Eric Delucien manages UAS flights both on and off campus at UC San Diego. He assists researchers, staff, students, and non-affiliates with conducting safe, legal, and insured flights. Under the Department of Environment, Health & Safety, he also manages and pilots a fleet of drones that are used for emergency response, fire and general safety inspections, environmental investigations, and campus trainings. Eric often provides expertise on regulatory and operational matters for the greater San Diego community by partnering with other campuses, businesses, and the local agencies.

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