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Session 1: What’s changed?

Understanding the Updates to FAA Drone Regulations

Colin Snow
CEO, Skylogic Research

Bill McNeil
UAV Contributing Editor, Directions Magazine

In the session, we will summarize Part 107 of the FAA's regulations for commercial drone flights and explore how the regulations create new opportunities for both established and startup geospatial companies.

The discussion includes:

  • Examine changes to the regulations
  • Where to stay updated
  • Resources and organizations that can help

Session 2: When is a lawyer needed?

Understanding the legal issues surrounding drones

Jonathan Rupprecht
Esq., Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor

As we enter this new world of drone possibilities, our ideas are forced to navigate the regulatory requirements of aviation law. In addition to federal aviation law, drones intersect with other areas of the law. This brings up questions like “When do I need a lawyer to help guide me through aviation law?”

In this session, we will discuss:

  • How to determine if you need an aviation lawyer or an aviation consultant.
  • When an aviation lawyer would be helpful.
  • When an aviation lawyer would NOT be helpful (Other types of lawyers and how they can help.)
  • Potential problem areas caused by state and local laws.
  • How to identify who can help you when you really don’t know what you need.
  • How to evaluate an attorney.

Session 3: What equipment and software do I need to get started?

Understanding what’s needed for your drone mission to work smoothly

Peter Miller
CTO and Director of Engineering, Intuicom

David McKittrick
Senior Application Specialist, Blue Marble Geographics

Pierre Stoermer
CEO, DroneMapper

In this session, we’re going to explore the process and decisions important to every mission. We’ll begin with an examination of drones and payload issues and requirements for different types of missions. During every step of the UAV data collection process, from mission planning to data visualization to analysis, choosing the right software plays a critical role in the success of a project. We will introduce an application that has gained a loyal and growing following among UAV operators. Global Mapper from Blue Marble Geographics and their partner, DroneMapper, will demonstrate how their solution has become popular with UAV operators.

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